Economic Daily News- Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Trends Compulsory for HUI HWA

In order to fit Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data trends, HUI HWA INDUSTRIAL has been facing transformation to introduce IoT(Internet of Things) into traditional manufacturing industry, enabling its factory to increase productivity, reduce lost, and increase operating income, making sure that it stays competitive in this future trend.

With integration of AI and Big Data into existing operations and systems, the process beginning from die casting to secondly CNC machining at HH would benefit from the Big Data analytics in IoT, where the web-enabled smart devices communicate with other related devices and do most of the work without human intervention, making it easier to monitor resource consumption and cut down on waste.

IoT Big Data solution can help not only optimize production capacity during operation, but also manage the demanding of materials by big data analytics, allowing company to streamline processes and minimize costs. Other than this, the workforce saving is another benefit for organization. For example, the people engaged in operation can be improved from one machine per person to several machines per person due to integrating big data analytics. 

HUI HWA INDUSTRIAL is a trusted and proven supplier to the worlds leading OEMs, and can provide a full range of custom services from tool design, die casting, precision machining to surface treatment in order to meet customers’ specific needs.

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